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Enabling sellers find content

Paperflite’s dynamic content hub brings all your sales collaterals, playbooks, marketing materials, and content your teams need and use every day from multiple sources in one single intuitive interface.

Paperflite identifies your sales rep’s intent and surfaces the right content at the right time for the right context using SmartSearch algorithm that combines the best of our unique indexing methods, user behavioral pattern and proprietary AI technology.

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Distributing Content

Engaging Experiences to Accelerate Pipeline

Sending multiple bulky attachments is now obsolete. Share your content via visually stunning microsites in minutes to captivate your buyer’s attention.

Your existing content is now transformed to an interactive, personalized experience for every prospect, every account in no time.

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Engage Experiences

Content where your sellers live

Prospects interact with your brand across multiple channels. Paperflite connects with your sales and marketing tech ecosystem to make it easy to share content right where you need them to be.

From email systems, social platforms, software messaging tool, CRM’s, Devices- enable your sellers to share content from anywhere in a single click.

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Distributing Content

Real-time Actionable Deal Insights

Paperflite’s conversation intelligence keeps your sales reps stay focused on the right deals and never let one slip through the crack.

Our multi-recipient tracking technology allows reps to know exactly how each prospect is interacting with your content and what’s on the top of mind for a customer. Knowing what what’s important to the prospect and what isn’t helps sellers tailor follow-ups accordingly.

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Content Tracking

Track Content ROI to Amplify What’s Working

Paperflite connects content with revenue to measure attribution, a missing piece that has left marketers in the dark for too long. The content intelligence xmodule empowers marketers with an in-depth view to understand - how internal teams consume content, how external audienceengage and how content helps close deals.

Knowing what content works at each stage of your sales cycle, what patterns your best sales reps follow enables you to focus investments on creating content that drives more sales.

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I'm always amazed at how quickly the Paperflite staff get back to me - and in such helpful fashion. I feel like the entire experience has been customized to my needs. I can count the no. of times I've interacted with a support staff this legendary.


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