#03 nobody told me

[Part of the “The Jersusalem Series“. Read more about my work/background here.]

#02: in my mind

From December 30th, 2018, almost two years ago. One of my favorite all-time drawings. William Blake, eat your heart out.

[Part of the “The Jersusalem Series“. Read more about my work/background here.]

01: and now we turn

The very first offical drawing of The Jersusalem Series. The ones from 2019 were just a warm-up.

[Read more about my work/background here.]

PS: Yes, I’m still carrying on with The Scottish Project. A man can wear more than one hat etc.

old “jerusalem” favorites from 2019

Back in 2019, I did some religious-themed drawings which I then called “The Jerusalem Series”.

#060: walking around the west village

Postcard sent to Beth Maudlin of Texas, one of my Twitter buddies.

A few days ago, I tweeted out, “The first person to email me wins this original drawing” etc, Beth was the first one to reply. [NB- the tweet has since been deleted].

About the drawing: This time, back in New York City’s West Village in December, 1998, I was shopping for Christmas presents in the snow. It was was one of those moments when life seemed absolutely perfect. Everything was alright in the universe. Those moments had become increasingly non-existent ever since leaving college, it was nice to be back in the flow again.

Read more about “The Scottish Project” here.

#059: you try to make it meaningful

Postcard sent to my Austin buddy, Tucker Max, former notorious author and Founder of Scribe Media. I sent him a postcard already (#039), but I thought he’d really like this one.

Read more about “The Scottish Project” here.

#058: dirty, filthy & wrong

Postcard sent to Martin Gram in Copenhagen, my old Danish buddy from my 1990’s New York days.

Read more about “The Scottish Project” here.

#024: love, loss, religion, ambition

[BELATED ENTRY] Postcard sent to Colin Morrison, an Edinburgh-based lawyer that I was introduced to by my very old friend, Colin Gilchrist.

Read more about “The Scottish Project” here.

#023: this very sweet apple

[BELATED ENTRY] Postcard sent to Kenris MacLeod (no relation), an Edinburgh fine artist whose work Muriel Gray turned me on to.

She lives in Goldenacre, the neighborhood where I used to buy my sweeties after school.

Read more about “The Scottish Project” here.

#057: are we done

Postcard sent to Alistair Mackenzie, Scottish actor and younger brother of David Mackenzie, the film director.

I’ve known Al since he was fourteen. One of the loveliest, sweetest guys you’ll ever meet. Such fun, such good energy, a real gentleman, to boot.

About twenty years ago he shot to fame as Archie MacDonald, the leading character in the global hit TV show, “Monarch of The Glen”. One of the tabloids named him as “Britain’s Sexiest Man” soon after.

I’m pleased to report that Al didn’t let any of this stuff go to his head. He’s still lovely Al, through and through. Hurrah!

Read more about “The Scottish Project” here

#056: shadow of death

Postcard sent to my sister, Sarah who, obviously, is also a Scot.

She and I both had years where we faced more than our fare share of adversity… but here we are, none too worse for wear. Plenty to be grateful for.

Read more about “The Scottish Project” here

#055: grievance politics cannot ever be sated

Postcard sent to Maajid Nawaz, the London-based activist and media personality.

Maajid and I met in Edinburgh in 2011 at Ted Global, we’ve been friends ever since. He commisioned a large drawing from me a few years ago, and we also hung out in New York the last time we were both there at the same time.

Maajid hosts a well-know LBC talk radio show where he manages to tick off all the right people. He is no friend of extremists- Islamic and non-Islamic alike. A champion of decency, common sense and moderation, he takes a lot of shit from the crazies on social media, including death threats. Frankly, I think he’s a national hero and should be given a Knigthhood, or at least, an MBE. It’ll probably happen eventually,

Read more about “The Scottish Project” here