About The Jerusalem Series

Quasi-religious art.

Jerusalem is not a place, but a mindset.

In 1997 I started drawing on the back of business cards, just to give me something to do while sitting at the bar.

Over time this format got more spiritual in nature. Eventually I realized art without a transcendent dimension was worthless. 

Over time this became The Jerusalem Series. Quasi-religious art. Some of it is religious in theme, some of it isn’t.

Just like real life- a pinch of saint here, a dash of sinner there…

Inspired by the Rothko Chapel in Houston, a “Jerusalem” is an installation of 120 of these drawings, grouped together en masse to give the viewer a contemplative experience, not unlike listening to the organ in church or temple before the service begins.

I chose the number 120 because that’s how many fit into one of my little portfolios that I use.

Each “Jerusalem” piece will have its own commemorative coffee table book, showing all 120 drawings in close up.

I chose the name, “Jerusalem” because I love the idea of there being a truly Holy place, somewhere closer to God than anywhere else. Hopefully though art, we can all create that same place in our own minds, without the need to travel to the Levant.

If you want to reach out, please contact me at hughcards@gmail.com, thanks.

New drawings, 11th February, 2021