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Albums that feel like a goodbye

Here are some of the albums that you should listen to for processing the most bittersweet and complex of emotions – bidding goodbye.

1w ago

Learning English: A guide that doesn’t involve books

Here’s a breakdown of a few other ways you can boost your English skills.

1w ago

Paving the way for inclusivity

Ashreen hopes for a future in which gender labels no longer limit their playgrounds.

1w ago

Finding nutritional food on campus remains a challenge

Too often, people prioritise their hunger over their health and wellbeing. 

2w ago

Internships can help high school students prepare for a brighter future

Although internship opportunities available to high-school students might be hard to stumble upon, they are certainly available.

2w ago

Young leaders from Bangladesh at Women Deliver 2023

The conference provided a platform for young people all over the world to advocate for the policies and solutions they felt were most important.

3w ago

The importance of building strong parent-teacher relationships

A strong parent-teacher relationship can play a crucial role in providing the student with a positive learning experience.

3w ago

A guide to your first visit to the gynaecologist

Just like visiting your doctor for a routine checkup, visiting your gynaecologist once in a while is just being safe.

3w ago

“Teaching Literature and Interdisciplinarity”: int’l conference at EWU explores the importance of language and literature

English is inherently a subject with interdisciplinarity and variety. In an exploration of this very idea, on July 28, the Association of Teachers of Literatures in English, Bangladesh (ATLEB) and East West University (EWU) inaugurated the two-day international conference titled "Teaching Literature and Interdisciplinarity".

Experiencing Bangla literature as someone bad at Bangla

As someone who grew up reading American and British novels, these small experiences that I have accrued with Bangla hold enormous value.

Reuniting with your long-distance friends

Reunion with your long-distance friends, for many, is a long-awaited moment that at times feels impossible.

What to pack when commuting on a bicycle to class

Commuting with a bicycle to classes has become a viable alternative for many students.

Why daycares are important for working parents

Despite the growing need, the number of quality daycare centres is still relatively low in the country.

5 YouTube channels to help you prepare for the SAT

Five of the best YouTube channels to help you prepare for the SATs.

Restrictive upscale areas in Dhaka make commuting a nightmare for students

We, who are meant to grow up and eventually inherit the city, deserve better treatment.

Dangers of obsessing over prestigious universities

While there’s nothing wrong with aiming high and being ambitious, it’s important that those ambitions be our own.

Not fitting into any category at university

This is all normal when you have friends from all corners of the university.

The flawed perception of discipline in Bangladeshi education institutions

“Disciplining a student” stands as an intimidating expression for chiselling them into a common form as they chip away at all that makes them special.

5 YouTube channels to learn mobile app development

Check out these five well-curated YouTube channels that will help you build your first mobile application.

The bittersweet experience of planning your school’s senior week

The memories you take back with you will be worth it.

Why there’s a lack of English medium students applying to public universities

It’s commonly seen that participation from English medium students is comparatively much lower.