Putin's 'Bad Book' names had a tragic end

From Prigozhin through Politkovskaya, many people who got into Putin's "bad book" suffered terrible consequences. The strange death had to be accepted by many of them. Some of them who came close to death have survived

Bogra Motors manufactures, exports automobile filters 

There are 350 different types of filters made by Motors Bogra Pvt Ltd, from motorbike filters to car filters. These filters, produced in Bangladesh, are exported overseas as well as being used locally

Mohammadabad: A 650-year-old city in Jhenaidah

Mohammadabad is an ancient city of the Sultanate period

Business Multimedia

Business Multimedia

Has the number of unemployed really decreased in the country?

The number of unemployed in the country has decreased. In other words, more people are involved in economic activities than ever before

Jon Haat: a place for hiring farm workers

The demand for day labourers is considerably high in Faridpur as farms in the major crop producing region require the assistance of seasonal workers whenever the harvest period comes around.

Who benefits from bank directors’ tenure extension?

The directors of banks have been the main characters behind all the big banking scams unearthed in recent times in Bangladesh

Coronavirus Multimedia

Coronavirus Multimedia

Will the country be hit by another wave of coronavirus?

Coronavirus infections are on the wane in the country, as are the death numbers.

Four brave women perform funeral rites of female Covid victims

Four women from Mymensingh have come forward to perform the funeral rites for female Covid-19 deceased -- an altruistic work beyond social stigma and health risk, a work where only male volunteers used to come forward during these distressing times.

[Watch] Councillor Khorshed: a Covid-19 fighter

Councillor Khorshed came forward at a time when the closest people of those dead with Covid-19 or with symptoms would not carry on with the funeral proceedings.

Culture Multimedia

Culture Multimedia

Sufi saint Khan Jahan Ali's work in Bengal

The Sufi saint Khan Jahan Ali came to Bangla during the Sultanate period as a general. Later, he became known as an Islamic preacher and architect

CU campus: Music in the air

If you step inside Chittagong University's campus, the first thing that'll greet you is music. It's hard to miss music if you walk around the campus, from the iconic CU shuttle train station and academic buildings to the canteens, residential halls, roadside stalls, and streets. Music is everywhere!

How a Bangladeshi teenager is making a name in academics

At the age of 15, Bangladesh's Maher Ali Rusho has shown remarkable success in mathematics and science olympiads

Govt sets toll rate for Dhaka Elevated Expressway

The government has fixed the toll rates for vehicles to get on the Dhaka Elevated Expressway

1w ago

3 college staffers held in Bogura for fraudulently admitting HSC students

Rab and police today detained three staffers of a college for fraudulently admitting around 20 students to Bogura Government Shah Sultan College two years ago

1w ago

Farua union worst affected by floods in Rangamati

The remote Farua union has been the worst affected by the recent floods in Rangamati district

1w ago

Coconut costs more than chicken or eggs in Bogura due to dengue

In Bogura, a pair of coconut now costs more than one kg of chicken, a dozen eggs, or a kilo of rui fish. On August 6, a buyer complained to Directorate of National Consumers Right Protection that he had to buy a pair of green coconut for Tk 500

1w ago

What's in the Universal Pension Scheme?

The government has launched a universal pension scheme to bring the common people of the country under the pension system. Every Bangladeshi citizen aged under 50 years will be eligible to register for the scheme

1w ago

The varying egg prices!

The volatility over egg prices has decreased slightly compared to the last few days

1w ago

Ctg Floods: Locals blame Dohazari-Cox's Bazar rail line

Locals of South Chattogram claim that the recent floods have been exacerbated due to the narrow culverts constructed for the Dohazari-Cox's Bazar railway line

2w ago

Police raid militants' den: 5kg of explosives, detonators, bullets recovered

Law enforcers discovered another hideout of the new militant group "Imam Mahmuder Kafela" in the hills of Karmadha union of Moulvibazar’s Kulaura today

2w ago

Tanzika Amin’s remarkable return

From the glimmering stages of the Lux Anandadhara Miss Photogenic contest in 2004 to the captivating world of web series, Tanzika Amin has graced the media industry for nearly two decades

2w ago

Former school teacher Kakar becomes head of Pakistan's 8th caretaker govt

Senator Anwar-ul-Haq Kakar of the Balochistan Awami Party (BAP) will be sworn in as Pakistan's eighth caretaker or interim prime minister tomorrow, Monday. This Baloch leader began his career as a school teacher

2w ago