Star Holiday

Star Holiday

LONG READ / Yunnan province of China

One has to visit China to discover its incredible diversity and breathtaking beauty.

Kyrgyzstan: A tale of an eagle and a bond

The eagle man was waving at us; he wanted to tell us something. Our Kyrgyz driver was eager to start the 200 kilometres return journey to Bishkek after a day-long trip. However, we stopped to listen to what he had to say, and what we got remained the highlight of the tour.

Morocco: a timeless wonder

Nestled between the North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, Morocco unveils a treasure trove of vibrant colours, cultural heritage, and centuries-old traditions that captivate a traveller. From the mesmerising Sahara desert to picturesque beaches, majestic mountains, bustling souks, delectable cuisine, and enchanting riads, Morocco seamlessly blends the allure of bygone eras with the modern world.

Meghalaya land of majestic waterfalls

It was a hilly meandering road skirting the India-Bangladesh border. By-passing a dense betel nut orchard, our car was heading towards Syndai, a village of Meghalaya.

Around the world on a Vespa: The ‘no-plan’ nomadic life

For those of us wedded and welded to our routine-ruled existences, there is an almost jealous fascination about people like Vespanda Ilario Lavarra.

The Galapagos: The land of evolution

They say the beauty of the Galapagos can’t be explained. It can only be experienced.

The yellow days in Hanoi

When I visited Hanoi in 2019, I only had a chance to catch a whiff of Vietnam’s capital. I took a glance at all the splotches of yellow architecture in awe and had little to no idea how to navigate myself in a town that hardly communicated in English. But even then, Hanoi found a place of eternal fondness in my heart and gave me a gift of familiarity that I couldn’t make much sense of at the time.

Lobhachhara and the great Nanka

In late October 2021, my quest for documenting tea-planters’ graves around the country brought me to Looba Cherra tea garden.

Ladakh Diaries PART 3 / Dzo Zongo East Mission accomplished

Why do you climb? Why do you risk everything over scaling a summit?

Nilgiri: the land of clouds

It was a chilly Thursday night in Dhaka. We, my mom and I, were waiting to board our bus, and I was panicking. My uncle, aunt, grandma, grandpa, and a younger cousin were running late for the 11:15 pm bus. And it was already 11:05 pm.

Chadar trek: walking on a frozen river

It was a cold January night in Delhi. As I boarded the first flight to Leh, the night was about to end.

The treasures of Buran Island

Buran Island! Have you heard of this land? Sounds unfamiliar? The ancient name of Satkhira region is Buran Dwip. This is the second time I have visited Satkhira, and after knowing about its rich history, it seemed different.

Jerusalem the land of Abrahamic religions

Let me be clear; as a Muslim, travelling to Israel is somewhat tricky. Even one of the most powerful passports in the world does not guarantee you an easy entry there.

Mystical Spiti Valley: A road trip to remember

Do you want to have a travel experience that is spiritually rich as well as full of adventures in the solitude of mountains?

Pungyen Gompa where the mountains whisper

A blunt, frosty night hugged me as I went out of the wooden cottage at Shayla, one of the beautiful tiny hamlets on the slopes of Mansiri Himal.

Wild Saingpra the majestic waterfall

It felt so peaceful! It was too early even for the roosters to break the tranquility of Khemchong Para, an indigenous neighbourhood in Ali Kadam, Bandarban.

A trip to Maasai Mara-Serengeti

Some encounters and experiences are humbling and mind-altering. They serve as a reminder of our insignificance on the scale of the vast entities, the universe. Shattering our deluded belief of superiority, these experiences tell us that we humans are merely a minuscule part of Mother Earth.

The Unique Sundarbans

The Sundarbans, with all her magical ambience and rich biodiversity, never fails to nourish your weary senses and soul. She never disappoints you. Every time you visit there, she keeps more surprises for you at every corner you go.

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Sarmin Shahariath and Rejaul Bahar, married since 2005, are avid travellers. Born and raised in Bangladesh, Bahar moved to the USA in

Antarctica: The magical, white continent

Was it real? Those mysterious blinding-white landscapes, the ethereal silence, the pristine nature relatively untouched by us – humans!