My Dhaka

My Dhaka

My Dhaka / Breaking the stigma of ‘second-hand’ shopping

My friend once wished to replicate a green business concept she had encountered on a visit to Europe.

15h ago

My Dhaka / Hospice, Palliative Care: Why you should care

Our loved ones, either in their final days or suffering from incurable diseases like cancer, kidney or liver failure, dementia, stroke, and other terminal ones, need hospice and palliative care.

2d ago

The iconic Tara Masjid did not always have those stars!

Today, it is hard to imagine our beloved Star Mosque without its stars. And with that comes the obvious question, what was the name of this mosque before those stars were added?

3d ago

My Dhaka / A Haven for Clothes: Uttara’s bustling shopping scene

Buying a trendy Zara shirt for just Tk 300 is only possible in Dhaka. Of course, one must take into consideration that the sleeves might be a little off or a stitch out of place.

4d ago

Tehari for breakfast?

The passion for this food is nothing new, and mornings used to be the popular time for it.

6d ago

My Dhaka / Why does Dhaka lack vegetarian restaurants?

`From a wide selection of street food to exotic dining experiences, the city has a wide taste palate.

1w ago

My Dhaka / Dhaka Chronicles: City’s charm in souvenirs

In a life dominated by smartphones, where pictures taken in them are seen as the only way of capturing moments in a frame, souvenirs come with the amazing ability to celebrate life and the magic that surrounds us.

1w ago

Nawab Ahsanullah's zoos

Nawab Ahsanullah warned in the press release that he would file charges against anyone who caused any harm to these animals.    

1w ago

All about shingaras

There has always been a debate over which one -- shingara or samosa -- is the quintessential Bengali snack, but never has there been an identity crisis regarding the two. 

1w ago

Buriganga once flowed beside Lalbagh Kella

Centuries ago, the walls of the fort actually touched the water of this river.

1w ago

Enjoying life as an elderly couple

“Is Dhaka a city only for young people?” I was pondering for a while, and by people, I do not mean individuals only but also couples in their semi-retired or retired lives.

2w ago

Diversity of Dhaka: Crowd, food and localities

Being the central hub of Bangladesh, Dhaka has seen an influx of people from various corners of the country making it the true melting pot of cultures.

2w ago

Serene ‘Shapla Beel’ at the backwaters of Zinda Park

I was on a dinghy. Sitting at the edge of the boat with my eyes closed, my face was being washed by drizzle. The young boy paddling the boat plucked a white lotus and offered me his appreciation for that particular moment in time that we shared.

2w ago

The many facets of Dhanmondi

Talking about Dhanmondi, people will mention modern residential and commercial buildings, glitzy shopping malls, and a bustling food scene. However, Dhanmondi’s biggest strength is how it still maintains a residential area identity.

3w ago

A rainy day in the capital

It’s a dark, gloomy day and the smell of earth dampened by rainwater sweeps the city. You hear the sounds of pouring rain on your window and make yourself a cup of freshly brewed tea. Leaving behind all thoughts of going out, you immerse in the delight of a rainy day in Dhaka.

3w ago

Tourist in your own city?

“There is nothing in Dhaka that I have not seen before; no place of interest that I have not visited” -- I naively used to declare. I was so wrong!

3w ago

Know your neighbour?

Dhaka is full of opportunities and possibilities but they come at a price. In a city as busy as this one, sacrificing social bonds has become the norm.

4w ago

Thrive: Providing nutritious meals to children

Many children from poor families in Dhaka have never had a hearty meal in their young lives.

4w ago