Must-visit tourist spots in Bhutan

Let’s explore some tourist attractions in Bhutan that you must visit at least once.

Sadia Islam Mou: Of grace and glamour

Mou has been in the limelight mostly during the ‘90s, especially for her modelling career.

Sharing financial information with your family

In our culture and social upbringing, we tend not to talk about finances, especially between spouses.



5 most romantic cities around the world

If your upcoming plan as a couple involves embarking on a journey to savour new culinary delights, indulge in shopping escapades, or simply wander through secluded ancient alleyways in each other’s embrace, then consider these recommendations for the most enchanting cities worldwide to embark on this amorous expedition with your beloved partner.

All international airports in KSA now open to Bangladeshi flights

Planes of Bangladeshi carriers from now on will be able to land at any airport in Saudi Arabia

The splendour of Sylhet

Located on the bank of the Surma River, Sylhet is one of the oldest cities in Bangladesh, having a vast historical and cultural background. Originally part of the Bengal Presidency and later Eastern Bengal and Assam; Sylhet  was part of Colonial Assam between 1874 and 1947 when, following a referendum and the partition of British India, it then became part of the then East Pakistan.

Food & Recipes

Food & Recipes

Zephyr: A gentle breeze on the plate

Zephyr, meaning a gentle breeze, is a restaurant that culminates the three things that Dhaka city lacks tremendously — a marvellous view of the big blue sky, rejuvenating fresh air, and lush greenery everywhere the eye can see.

Easy and tasty deshi recipes

Many find it difficult to prepare food deshi style. The following are three simple recipes that make ‘complex’ procedures simple for everyone. Great for weekends!

Mindful Eating: How to nurture a healthy relationship with food

It is easy to develop thoughtless eating behaviours in today's fast-paced society where there is little time for reflection. This problem is made worse by processed meals and marketing, which makes people feel disconnected from their dietary preferences. Let us explore the practice of mindful eating and the methods for developing a positive relationship with food.

Signature by Khazana: An Indian restaurant like no other

If you are on the lookout for a restaurant where you can experience authentic Indian cuisine, Signature by Khazana, a new restaurant that opened in Gulshan on 12 July is the must-visit place for you.

Recipes to sweeten your Barbie fever

Can’t get enough of the pink-themed Barbie fever? You are not alone. So, why not complete the hype-coaster with sweet dishes that would look perfect in a Barbie world, and with these recipes, you’ll be one step closer to it.

Health & Fitness

Health & Fitness

5 weight loss myths

Here are 5 myths and assumptions about losing weight that you should know.

1w ago

5 apps that can help relax your mind

The following applications, many of which are compatible with both iOS and Android, are designed to help you relax, focus, and feel prepared for any challenges you may face in your professional or personal life.

1w ago

Live longer with just 4000 steps a day!

We all know the power of a good stroll, but what if we told you that the key to a longer, healthier life could be within reach with just 4,000 steps a day? Yes, you read that right. The latest research, hot off the press from the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, unveils a fascinating truth: the path to vitality might be simpler than we ever imagined!

2w ago

Essential workout routines for all

You do not have to be a gym enthusiast to have a workout routine. Hence, we will be suggesting exercises that will not take up too much of your time and can even be done every day.

2w ago

The importance of sleep and best ways to get quality sleep

The world moves fast and so does our life. In our quest of reaching new heights and achieving new milestones, we are constantly overlooking a crucial element of life; sleep. We are not getting enough of it. Arguably the most important component of our overall wellbeing, not getting enough sleep can have a negative impact on both our physical and mental health.

First Aid for Eid ul Azha

Eid brings happiness to those who celebrate but of the two Eids, Eid ul Azha is the one that often leaves us with cuts and bruises. It does not matter how careful you are, people end up with wounds more often than not. Here is how you should prepare for first aid with Eid ul Azha in mind.

Nutritional benefits of jackfruit

Jackfruit is a summer delight in this part of the world. Packed with nutrition the raw fruit is eaten as a vegetable; it is consumed as a ripe fruit; used to make pithas and other sweet dishes. Many include jackfruit in their summer diet, while others detest the taste and the smell. Be that as it may, jackfruit remains one of the richest sources of vitamins, minerals, and fibres.

Can naps keep our brains healthy?

While longer naps could be an early symptom of Alzheimer’s disease, shorter naps are more and more being associated with larger total brain volume. This means that those daytime winks you love so much may actually protect against brain shrinkage as you age.

Life & Living Multimedia

Life & Living Multimedia

My Dhaka / Comrade, give me a cup!

Yet, the tiny, yellow-walled tea stall attracts customers like bees to flowers.  “Comrade, give me a cup,” is how they ask for tea.

The colourful cauliflowers of Bangladesh

Instead of the regular old white cauliflowers - you can now have cauliflowers that are red, yellow, pink, or purple.

Shankha Dasgupta: Meet the genius behind Guti

Shankha Dasgupta is the genius behind Guti, and anyone who has followed his work over the years knows precisely how exceptional he is. The much-anticipated show, Guti, came out on Chorki in January, leaving the viewers binging.

Despite charging fees, needs of passengers neglected

<p>Terminal fees are being imposed on passengers travelling to India. However, there are currently no provisions for the use of restrooms at the Benapole International Passenger Terminal. </p><p>Find out more in today's Star Newsbytes</p>

#Perspective / Wasfia Nazreen: Don’t let ageism break your spirit

The mere fact that Wasfia Nazreen, even with her extraordinary achievements and so many accolades to her name, has to face these needless validations should not come as a surprise to the world, because the reality is that ‘below average mentality’ strikes everywhere, is highly deep-rooted, and pays zero respect to any type of accomplishment.

The power of a cup of tea

Every morning, a cuppa prepared in deshi-style is what most Bengalis crave no matter what part of the world they live in.

1w ago

Plants keep dying on you? Here's 5 apps that can help you with the plants

Here, we have gathered a list of 5 gardening apps that can enhance your gardening experience and make it more fulfilling!

1w ago

Mubashshira Kamal Era: Dancing in the air

Mubashshira Kamal Era, a name that resonates with the vibrant hues of creativity, once called Naogaon home but has now embarked on a thrilling adventure to Dhaka.

1w ago

ToyCon 2023 returns to rekindle our inner child

ToyCon, which made its debut in 2017, has been held at Chef’s Table Courtside, Madani Avenue on 18 and 19 August 2023.

1w ago

How to design your kitchen?

Here are some of the major kitchen trends for the year 2023!

1w ago

The many faces of freedom

Most people called it midlife crisis, I called it the freedom to do anything I wanted to. Freedom to do anything that made sense and yet was not possible earlier, all because I could not master enough courage to pursue what my heart bled for — a little bit of insanity.

1w ago

How to practice positive thinking

Here are a few ways to practice positive thinking.

1w ago

Relationships beyond borders: Tale of a long-distance relationship

In a world that knows no geographical boundaries, love often finds itself unshackled from the chains of proximity.

1w ago

How to survive a heartbreak

Heartbreak is a universally recognised bundle of emotions; full of angst, misery and bitterness. While it may feel like the end of the world to some, to others it is a notion of ultimate betrayal; rejecting love.

1w ago

Financial tips for women according to a Wall Street veteran

According to pioneer investor, Sallie Krawcheck, investing any amount, even one as nominal as $10 is a promising start.

1w ago

The power of volunteering

Volunteering to give back to others is a timeless practice and a testament to how we can express our kindness.

2d ago

An introvert’s guide to navigating the dating scene

Dating is an exciting experience for anyone. For introverts, it can be slightly difficult and bring a unique set of challenges.

3d ago

The adventures of haircuts at home

For those daring souls who wish to embark on their own hair adventure, a few words of wisdom are in order.

6d ago

Finding a balance between technology and nature in our daily lives

It is true that living without our smartphones or social media in this day and age is next to impossible but it is also true that due to technology we often feel disconnected from the natural world.

6d ago

7 things to do to keep the spark alive in your marriage

Real life takes over and romance usually dies a painful death at the hands of work schedules, family obligations, etc. So how does one keep the embers of love burning long after responsibilities are done with us?

6d ago

Top 7 must-watch shows on Amazon Prime Video

Here are the top 7 movies and TV shows you must watch.

6d ago

Why practice self-care?

Let’s look into the importance of nurturing our mind, body and soul.

1w ago

Remembering Cheems: The dog who brought joy to the world

The demise of Balltze, better known as Cheems – the viral 'Doge' dog

1w ago

Breaking the stigma regarding virginity

From friends, relatives, partners, spouses or even the OB/GYN — at some point, everyone’s shown some strange (read: intrusive) interest in your sexual history.

1w ago

The power of a cup of tea

Every morning, a cuppa prepared in deshi-style is what most Bengalis crave no matter what part of the world they live in.

1w ago