Law & Our Rights

Law & Our Rights

DUMCS team becomes the first South Asian team to clinch the Asia Cup Championship for Bangladesh

A Dhaka University Moot Court Society (DUMCS) team comprising of Oishe Rahman, Rafid Azad Saumik, Fiaz Rabbani and Tanha Tanzia emerged as champions in the Asia Cup 2023, held at United Nations University, Japan.

Law Vision / Subordinate judiciary’s power of interpreting laws: Critiquing Terab Ali v Syed Ullah

In 2022, while dealing with the case of Terab Ali and others v Syed Ullah and others (civil petition for leave to appeal no. 3135 of 2014), the Appellant Division of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh (AD) made an interesting observation regarding the nature of judicial power exercised by the Subordinate Judiciary of Bangladesh.

FOR YOUR INFORMATION / Muslim marriages Relevant laws, rights, and obligations

There are many rights and obligations that vest upon the parties after solemnisation of a valid marriage.

Govt to consider lenient punishments for convicts under DSA: Anisul

Law Minister Anisul Huq today said the government will consider lenient punishments for those who will be convicted underthe Digital Security Act

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A case for PIL against municipalities

The negligence of municipalities in proper management of roads, drainage, water, and waste management is a cause for significant concern.

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Protection of minority shareholders

A minority shareholder is an individual or entity that owns a minority stake in a public or private company.

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Japanese daughters’ custody instance of the ‘best interests’ doctrine

A family court of Dhaka has granted Japanese national Nakano Eriko custody of her two daughters at the conclusion of a prolonged judicial proceeding.

Remedies against false cases

What could possibly be more distressing than being accused of a crime that someone has not committed?

Workplace safety for construction workers

On 24 June 2023, four construction site workers met gruesome death due to lack of safety standards at the construction sites.

Legal remedies for medical negligence

Recent news reports have highlighted a tragic incident where a lady and her child lost their lives due to alleged medical negligence at the Central Hospital.

How the RTI Act may contribute to curbing corruption

Bangladesh has long struggled with widespread corruption, which impedes social development, stunts economic growth, and erodes public confidence in the government.

Laws and policies on plastic waste management

Plastic waste disposal is a serious issue for Bangladesh with only a small portion of the nation’s annual plastic waste production – which is estimated to be 2 point 4 million tons – getting recycled.

Legal implications of the Oil Tanker explosion in Jhalokati

An incident of explosion occurred in the vessel named Sagar Nandini-2 on the Sugandha river in front of Jhalokati municipality on 1 July 2023 while it was carrying 11 lakh litres of petrol and diesel to the Padma Oil Depot.