The minority report in India

In Another India, Pratinav Anil unambiguously faults Nehruvian secularism—the very mantle championed by historians such as Mushirul Hasan for whom “the congress best represented the Muslim interests from the fifties on.”

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Art & Design

Art & Design

Nature Quest / Apes of the East

These Hoolock gibbons, locally known as "Ulluk", were spotted brachiating through the trees of Lawachhara National Park in Sylhet. Native to eastern Bangladesh, Northeast India, Myanmar and Southwest China, these lesser apes are diurnal, arboreal, and their method of locomotion is known as brachiation -- meaning they use their arms to swing from tree to tree

Snapshots of history—Golam Mustafa meets Manzoor Alam Beg

Modhurimay Alap (Swapno ‘71, 2023) transcribes two days of conversations with the late Golam Mustafa, first Director of Photography of Bangladesh Television.

15 years of iPhone: Evolution in photography

This week marks 15 years since the iPhone first went on sale and ushered in a new era: the age of the smartphone.

Culture Multimedia

Culture Multimedia

Sufi saint Khan Jahan Ali's work in Bengal

The Sufi saint Khan Jahan Ali came to Bangla during the Sultanate period as a general. Later, he became known as an Islamic preacher and architect

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Views / Why grown-ups should reimmerse themselves in children's literature

Children's literature is purposefully crafted for a segment of society without political or economic clout—individuals devoid of wealth, suffrage, or command over the levers of finance and governance.

Musings / Why I learned more from reading fiction books than nonfiction

It is deeply saddening that this discouragement to read fiction is coming at a time when we as a population are suffering from a crisis in empathy.

ESSAY / Partition and Bangladeshi literature

Their apartment was located on the ground floor of a three-storied building whose yellowish paint looked as if it was peeling off on its own.