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The pull of culture and creativity calls, luring you into a domain where imagination can run wild.

The right way to choose your university

As another enrollment season is coming around, here are a few pointers to get you started.

Barca Academy coming to Bangladesh

Barca Academy, the official soccer school of FC Barcelona, is coming to Bangladesh to organise a football camp between October 22 and October 26. International School Dhaka (ISD) will serve as the headquarters for this camp. All camp-related activities will also be organised at ISD. 

Navigating research as a university student

As a student, it’s important to understand that research is a significant commitment for both the student and the teacher.

From the lab to the market: Opportunities in Biotech entrepreneurship

In Bangladesh, there’s an immense need for innovative biotechnology-based products for creating new jobs and introducing innovative solutions to problems specific to our country.

Why you need to know about contract cheating

Contract cheating is a process through which students (or academics) get original work done for them through a third party.

Letters from readers – August 24, 2023

This is what our readers had to say this week.

Which university club is right for you?

There will be numerous options when you want to join a university club. But how do you make the right choice?

Navigating culture shock when moving abroad

Remember that you will feel isolated, you will feel homesick but know that it takes time for a new place to feel like home.



Making our city beautiful

The artists behind the Moghbazar flyover artwork.

In conversation with Professor Imran Rahman

Sitting down with the vice-Chancellor of University of Liberal Arts, Bangladesh (ULAB).

In conversation with Manas Singh, CEO of STS Group

We came up with the concept of “school of life”, a school that prepares students for life, and with that ambition, we launched Glenrich International School.

In conversation with Team Bangladesh – Battle of Minds 2022

The champions of Battle of Minds 2022 tell us more about their experience throughout the competition.

Meet the world champions of debating

SHOUT sits down for an interview with the champions of WUDC 2022.

Bringing Home the Gold

After a historic victory at this year's International Math Olympiad (IMO) in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, the six-member Team Bangladesh sat with SHOUT to share their experience and understanding of one of the biggest and most prestigious competitions in the world.


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BRAC University celebrates BRACU Duburi’s grand success at “Robosub 2023”

BRAC University organised an event to celebrate BRACU Duburi’s grand success at “Robosub 2023” on August 27 at BRAC University auditorium.

NLSM opens up new branch at International Hope School Bangladesh in Uttara

Next Level Sports Management (NLSM) is a football academy and consulting agency based in Bangladesh.

From Crisis to Solutions: Experts convene to unravel Rohingya repatriation puzzle

Organised by the Center for Peace Studies (CPS) of NSU's South Asian Institute of Policy and Governance (SIPG), the colloquium marked the Rohingya Genocide Day 2023 and delved into the present landscape of Rohingya repatriation.

ULAB’s CSE department holds seminar on career opportunities in IT industries

The Department of Computer Science & Engineering at University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) organised a seminar titled "Technology-driven Career Opportunities in IT Industries" on August 17. Rajeeb Tarafder, IT Director, Wunderman Thompson Bangladesh, conducted the interactive session.

ISD 2.0: Embracing the future with global collaborations and enhanced learning experiences

On August 12, 2023, International School Dhaka (ISD) unveiled ISD 2.0 – a redesign of their emblem. It now stands for knowledge, inclusivity, and their vision of "Empower, Inspire, Embrace". This rebranding is a part of larger investments to renovate campus buildings as well as rebuild their legacy and embrace the future.

EDU hosts “Train the Trainers” Andragogy Practicum workshop

East Delta University (EDU) hosted “Train the Trainers” workshop on “Andragogy Practicum” on August 19.

Bhuiyan Academy launches University of Hertfordshire LL.B (Hons) Supported Distance Learning program for the first time in Bangladesh

Through this initiative, Bhuiyan Academy and the University of Hertfordshire are paving the way for a new era of legal education in Bangladesh.

Campus Life

Campus Life

Letters from readers – July 20, 2023

This is what readers had to say this week.

The lives of medical students

Being a doctor grants you the privilege of helping fellow human beings. As rewarding and respectable as the medical profession is, the pathway to becoming a doctor is trying and tedious.

The BUET Rag Wall

Each brick on the wall tells a story of this campus.

Life in the Hallowed Halls of DU

The University of Dhaka (DU) occupies a special place in the hearts of Bangladeshis as the flagbearer of our struggle for independence, which eventually led to the birth of our nation.

The Generations of Nostalgia at Dhaka University

What was it like for our parents, who went to Dhaka University decades ago?

BRAC University’s SLL: Experiential learning at its finest

The SLL program an exercise where students attending the RS are tasked with the duties of the staff at the residential campus.



Why must there be a mandatory minimum university attendance?

Whilst it is not an easy task to do well in tests without attending classes, if a student somehow manages to make up for it by working hard they shouldn’t suffer for it.

Was the six-month semester a good idea for private universities?

The new system has created a looming threat of session jams, something previously unheard of in private institutes.

Why there’s a lack of English medium students applying to public universities

It’s commonly seen that participation from English medium students is comparatively much lower.

The BCS obsession of public university students

Why do many public university students abandon their majors to become BCS cadres?

Should menstrual leaves be issued in educational institutions?

Menstruation, one of the most normal bodily functions, has been branded as taboo since the beginning of time.

Are private universities ready for a two-semester system?

The scenario here has been nothing but rushed and confusing.

Do university rankings reflect reality?

Do rankings serve any purpose other than boosting institutional pride?

Off Campus

Off Campus

Letters from readers – August 17, 2023

This is what readers had to say this week.

Letters from readers – August 10, 2023

This is what readers had to say this week.

Letters from readers – August 3, 2023

This is what readers had to say this week.

MegaMind Tech hosts AI contest

The contest ended on June 16 and the winners were announced on July 18.

UIU and MIST secure 3rd and 5th position respectively in the Anatolian Rover Challenge

The Anatolian Rover Challenge (ARC) is an international rover competition for university teams.

Three Bangladeshis receive IVLP Impact Award 2022

Three Bangladeshis have received the IVLP Impact Awards 2022.